Passports & Visas  

On Saturday 4th August 2018 Steampunk Central was declared a State of Independence - a separate and wonderous steampunk realm presided over by our President.  

While we are a friendly state we extend a special welcome to those who apply for a Visiting Visa.  These are valid for one year  and entitle you to special rights. Privileges will be extended to Visa holders and gifts from our principality will be bestowed upon you as our honoured guest.  

You can choose to use your given legal name or your Steampunk persona to identify yourself.

A Visiting Visa will be stamped into your Passport upon receipt of the Visa Application Fee.  The Passport and Visa will entitle the bearer to certain 'privileges' within our realm.  Please note that while you may keep the passport, the Visiting Visa is only valid for 12 months from date of issue and will need to be renewed each year if you wish to retain these Visitor privileges.

*  One complimentary Steampunk the Thames Calendar

*  One complimentary Steampunk the Thames t-shirt

*  Early bird booking privileges

*  Preferential seating at key events on presentation of Visa

*  Two complimentary workshops on presentation of Visa

(estimated value of Visa privilege package is $65-$100)

This is just a fun way for people to support and feel part of our Steampunk family.  Feel free to recommend to others.

To apply just pay your application fee to the Steampunk the Thames stall at Steampunk Central, at Steampunk Central on Saturday's Tinker workshops or deposit $50 to our bank account (03 0458 0001355 000) with your legal name and reference "Passport" .  Please note Visa may take a few days to be processsed by 'immigration'.   Please complete application form below.

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