Punk your Ride Competition

Mad Max machines, classic cars, trains,  airships, bicycles and even mobility scooters are all welcome to join the Steampunk Parade in Thames from 10.30 on

Saturday 10th November.

Pollen Street will be officially closed to general traffic so as long as you can safely steer you magnificent forms of transport along the road that's about all we need.

The parade starts from the corner of Pollen and Willoughby street.  Steampunked rides should muster on Willoughby Street, between Mackay Street and Pollen Street from 9.30am.  An official needs to brief the drivers/riders about safety procedures. 


The parade officially ends at the corner of Pollen and Cochrane Street.  Steampunked rides will turn right at this intersection and follow a lead vehicle around the block and back across Pollen Street, to park up along Kirkwood Street (between Pahau and Cochrane Street) for display and judging.

Once parked 'Rides' will need to stay on display until 1pm.


As well as skitting rights you may also win the enviable trophy and various prizes up for grabs.

No cost to enter.  Registration may be requested. 

Note: The parade also involved hundreds of steampunkers walking the distance so please consider their safety.  Also, until the road is closed, normal road rules apply.  Any vehicles not registrated and warranted should be transported to and from the parade and display sites.

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