Steampunk Embassy

Greetings, salutations and a great howdy-dodee to all you steampunk aficionados out there.


Steampunk the Thames needs you.


2017 is the year we will establish the Thames Steampunk Embassy right in the heart of old industrial Thames.


We have decided to take the future into our own hands and buy and outfit the southern end of Judd’s Iron Works at the old Placemakers site on Queen Street in Thames. The asking price for this heritage building is $900,000.


We can’t do this alone. We need you to help us raise the funds so we can create our future fantasy world together, nugget by nugget, rivet by rivet, screw by screw.


The Embassy offers us excellent prospects of staking a claim in a future world. We plan to host dance parties, workshops and talks, galleries and sculpture parks, indoor/outdoor markets and shops as well as host steampunk artists at work in maker spaces.


The building is our perfect steampunk match. All the signs are right and the stars are aligned. Charles Judd established the foundry in 1869 and it was one of the powerhouses of the early New Zealand economy.


The foundry designed and cast the machines which crushed the gold and felled the kauri which forged our new nation. Judds also made light houses, industrial chairs and rotary lawnmowers – so their work underpinned NZ style for a century.


It is fitting that this year, when Thames celebrates 150 years since the opening of its goldfields that this building comes back into community ownership. This is the best prospect for us to secure a sustainable future.


We ask you to support us by purchasing permits to the Thames Steampunk Embassy.  All proceeds will go towards the purchase of this amazing building, in return you will receive a Permit Certificate and your name and location on the Permit Wall within the Embassy.  So please come along with us and give generously to celebrate our steampunk futures.


For sale:  Time Travel Packages

Gold Permit “From Here to Eternity”; Cost $1000


This permit allows you to embark on your dirigible and export yourself through infinite possibilities. Journey to the far flung reaches of the universe and dance at the end of time. 

Permit for one way trip only. Return permit $500.


Silver Permit “From Here to the Beginning of Time” Cost $100


This permit allows you to board your steampowered engine and journey through a past of infinite accumulated wisdoms. Remember the proverbs, scriptures and myths.

Permit for one way trip only. Return permit $50 on proof on arrival of new wisdoms and wit.


Crystal Permit “ From Here to Now” Cost $10


This permit allows you to teleport yourself and your quantum photons to a world of infinite glories. Enjoy each moment of sensory delight, earthly amusement, chance encounters and serendipitous gifts. Know things as they are.

Permit for one way only. No return permit available as currently out of stock.

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